Simultaneous Charging station PULSE 25 UL

The Pulse Urban Line station is the only charging station on the market to provide an AC and DC electric vehicles charge. Perfectly adapted to be installed into urban area, Urban Line charging station is the solution that meets electric mobility needs in the cities.

Pulse Urban Line is the new generation of charging station that integrates the best of Lafon’ know-how. Able to charge 3 simultaneous cars, urban Line is composed of 2 sub-chargers and 1 master charger.

The same service for all electric cars : our customer-promise

Pulse urban Line will allow you to charge your electric car in 22kW whatever the charging mode : fast or accelerated charge. (AC or DC charge). Each sub-charger is composed with 6 charge points :

  • 1 COMBO cable
  • 1 CHAdeMO cable
  • 1 Type 2 socket
  • 1 Type 3 socket
  • 2 Domestic sockets (One is dedicated to refrigerating equipment)

The charging station's master terminal is equipped with 1 Domestic socket for two-wheels vehicles.

Design and innovation to provide a reliable public service

Designed and developed to be adaptable to highways, the charging station Pulse are the culmination of more than 25 years of expertise in the world of ergonomy, reliability and technology.


  • Cables retriever (no street obstruction )
  • High availability (reliable, maintenable)
  • Simultaneous charge AC/DC
  • Efficiency rate of 95%
  • User friendly interface
  • Infrastructures monitoring via Internet
  • Made in France

  • Payment module
  • Geolocation with smartphones
  • Light signalling

Simultaneous charging station AC/DC


Station de charge URBAN LINE


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Lafon is a French manufacturing company, part of the Madic Group, and leader in downstream petroleum equipment that offers fuel storage, distribution and management systems. As part of its commitment in sustainable development, LAFON develops innovative products that respect both man and his environment. During the last 4 years, LAFON has diversified and now offers a complete system for charging electric vehicles: PULSE.



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