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Pulse by Lafon is a solution developed by LAFON technologies for charging electric vehicles. Pulse by Lafon provides a real solution to electro-mobility challenges through its complete offer: charging terminals, ChargePulse supervision system and services. Visit www.pulse.lafon.fr for further information.

The PULSE terminals comply with the CEI 61851-1 standard that specifies the characteristics for electric vehicle charging systems. This standard guarantees safety and compatibility with electric vehicles of any make anywhere in Europe. ZE Ready is an approval granted by the LCIE that guarantees compliance with motor vehicle manufacturer's standards.

Pulse terminals are universal and compatible with all types of plug and all available vehicles. For further information: The solutions

Depending on where it is installed, terminals in France have to comply with the NF C 15-100 standard which ensures that access to electric sockets is blocked by shutters resulting in 3 special sockets being used:

  • Type E/F, 230V single phase 16A up to 3kW
  • Type 2S (safety), 400V three phase 32A up to 22kW
  • Type 3, 400V three phase 32A up to 22kW

The E/F domestic socket cannot tolerate more than 8 - 10A in continuous use even though rated at 16A.

The time taken to charge depends on the type of terminal used. The Pulse 22 semi-fast charging terminal can charge a vehicle battery in 1 - 2 hours depending if configured for 3kW or 22kW. The range's fast charge terminal, the Pulse QC50, can charge to 80% of battery capacity in less than 20 minutes.

Pulse terminals that are available for use by the general public are listed on the chargepulse.com supervision website. The terminals are shown on an interactive map and with options of filtering according to the client's needs, providing an itinerary and reserving the location.

All Pulse charging terminals have several identification supports which vary depending on the owner's requirements. In order to ensure uninterrupted service, all Pulse terminal users can be identified when first using a terminal via their smartphone. The client sends an SMS to the number shown on the terminal's screen and the terminal’s sockets are unlocked.

Pulse terminals accept a variety of identification means, depending on the equipment that has been fitted:

  • RFID MIFARE badge
  • Store loyalty cards with barcodes
  • QRcode ticket
  • Business cards with QR code
  • GSM access via SMS
  • Smartphone

An electric vehicle driver may associate more than one means of identification with their account: several loyalty cards, a smartphone, a telephone...

A SMS is sent to the user when charging is completed advising them that it is finished and that they should free up the location.

When the GPRS connection to the server is interrupted, the Pulse terminal switches to stand-alone mode. In this mode, Pulse checks the identification means against its internal white list and authorises access if the client is on this list.
Transactions are recorded in the terminal and are downloaded to the server once it is reconnected. This system ensures that a Pulse terminal can continue to provide uninterrupted service for 2-3 days for regular clients when there is a connection problem.

To subscribe, all a client has to do is declare themselves to the chargepulse.com server. This requires entering at least:

  • An e-mail address which is the identifier
  • A password
  • A postal address if you want to receive an RFID badge
  • A mobile telephone number for identification via SMS
  • A name or pseudo

Yes data transfer between servers and Pulse terminals and the LAFON ChargePulse server is secure. Communications are authenticated in such a way that the system cannot be pirated.


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Lafon is a French manufacturing company, part of the Madic Group, and leader in downstream petroleum equipment that offers fuel storage, distribution and management systems. As part of its commitment in sustainable development, LAFON develops innovative products that respect both man and his environment. During the last 4 years, LAFON has diversified and now offers a complete system for charging electric vehicles: PULSE.



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