LAFON's expertise applied to electro-mobility

ChargePulse is an intelligent service developed by LAFON to supervise charging structures. The web technologies that are used have been applied by LAFON for over 10 years in private fleet management systems and payment systems in service stations and car washes. It has been designed to provide a real service for participants in ecomobility and is aimed at 3 types of users: electric vehicle drivers, charging terminal owners and service engineers. ChargePulse locates available charging terminals via a standard internet connection that can also be accessed via a smartphone thanks to the mobile version of the website.

ChargePulse is an open web platform that ensures interoperability between the different players involved in electro-mobility for intelligent charging.

CharegPulse provides customer relationship management from identification through to payment. Geolocation and reservation functions allow charging to be planned and accompany them during their journeys.

The owner is guaranteed real time monitoring of their terminal's activity and knows the sales revenue from their charging stations where the service is paid for.

The data feedback from ChargePulse ensures that the maintenance service has a real working tool that provides real time monitoring of its clients’ fleets of terminals and thereby optimise its on-site interventions.

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ChargePulse serving ecomobility players

Access ChargePulse 24/7

CharegPulse is a website that is available on PC, tablets and smartphones

Access Charge PULSE

Geolocate a terminal and find the nearest charging station: You can find a suitable charging station using filters based on your needs thanks to the ChargePulse mobile version.

Manage your network's activity: You can access your dashboard with only a few clicks via your internet connection.

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  • Monitor equipment via the Internet:
  • Manage customer relations
  • Electronic payments: Prepayment via internet
  • Remote maintenance: Update uploading
  • Local smartgrid
  • Secure access (https) using identifier and password (client-owner-engineer)
1D/2D barcode reader Geolocation & reservation via smartphone Automatic vehicle recognition Detection of vehicle blocking unit Lightening protection
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Manage your network's activity.

From your Internet connexion, accessyour dashboard in a few clicks.

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Lafon is a French manufacturing company, part of the Madic Group, and leader in downstream petroleum equipment that offers fuel storage, distribution and management systems. As part of its commitment in sustainable development, LAFON develops innovative products that respect both man and his environment. During the last 4 years, LAFON has diversified and now offers a complete system for charging electric vehicles: PULSE.



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